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Creating your flitaa account
Creating your flitaa account
How to get started with your simplest crypto wallet β€” flitaa.
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Thank you for choosing flitaa as your preferred crypto wallet.

Here's how to create your account and enjoy a wonderful customer experience.

On the web, go to and click on Create Account or Get started on the web.


Download the flitaa app for Android HERE. iOS HERE.

You will be redirected to if you are signing up on the web. This is the signup screen.

Fill in your details on the form provided and make sure they are all accurate. Then click on Continue.

Check your email for your Verification Code and enter it, then click Continue.

On the next screen, you need to set your transaction pin. This pin is very important and you can't carry out a transaction on flitaa without it. So make sure you set a pin you can easily remember and no one else has.

And that's all... :) Your account is ready!

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